native4kids e.U.

Individual Child Daycare and Mobile English Tutoring Service

We are a company focused on education of the English language by taking care of children in the afternoon or evening.

Our coaches are all English native speakers. They play with the children, go to English cinema, go to the zoo, simply do all activites inside and outside but they only use the English language in order for the kids to actively and passively learn English. Every native coach will be appointed to one child. By spending time together and using only the target language the children will learn the language in a completely stress-free and natural way.

For kids > 10 years old we are offering mobile tutoring service in the home of the kids. We make sure to use the time most effective and allow the child to learn in his familiar home environment.

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native4kids e.U.

englischer Spracherwerb für Kinder auf natürlicher Basis der Sprachimmersion


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